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Popular vintage style, a classic Ray Ban to reshape the former design, once again brings us surprise. Framework are the cold shades of gunmetal metallic, we seep classic charm. ARC compact frame, adjustable nose pads available, plus the unique color lenses, meet the needs of home fashion and comfort. New framework is the brightest feature can be easily folded, easy to collect and carry design, let you taste before expose people anywhere, anytime. In recent years glasses seems to became fashion circle of highlight, regardless of is General frames or Sun glasses, each brand trendy design constantly launched, men were wants to wear have a chic, outfit must ultimately Sun glasses, and deeply fashion circle favorite of Ray Ban Outlet., recently launched new retro folding Diego glasses series, reproduce Ray Ban classic series, round metal frames distribution Shang Crystal lenses, makes retro style more Shang a layer. The ray-ban launched the retro series folding glasses, frames are gunmetal metallic, frames with delicate carving on the nines, Saddle Bridge is designed to adjust nose pads, which highlights fold capabilities, shank can be bent into the lens size and storage in leather glasses case so collections are very convenient, lets savor and take with you.

Natural light, actually is by will towards specific direction vibrations of electromagnetic waves by composition, and was reflection or scattering of light and usually preference a specific direction, this is why polarizing Sun glasses can filter off from car top or pool reflection to of Sun of sake; natural light after has polarizer tablets of filter Hour, on only let a direction of light through, that is polarizer tablets can first will light partial polarization Hour, only allows a direction of light through. Polarizing Sun glasses is using this characteristics to barrier harmful light, because too Sun regardless of is touch to any objects will due to natural reflection or refraction Cheap Ray Bans produced harmful of glare, polarizing Sun glasses on can completely absorption these will caused glare and the eyes hurt of strong light General Sun glasses just using reduction light of role, because General of lenses cannot filter light, so only reduced glare light, and purple outside light, of strength, and cannot completely barrier these harmful light, so its function just reduced eyes of hurt, But generally good sunglasses is the biggest advantage of epidemic.

Polarized lenses because of its polarizing nature, so you can completely cut off due to scattering, inflection, reflection and other factors caused by the harsh glare. As well as UV light can be harmful to the human eye full cutoff, making long-term activities in bright white light, eyes are not tired, real protection functions, and can see things more clearly, stereo. Polarized Sunglasses because light with polarization functions, so the all infrared rays barrier can be dropped without affecting the Visual light transmission, can really fulfill functions of eye protection. Eye surgery patients, need to be fully protected, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses is the best choice. Both need to be able to completely block the harmful rays of the sun glasses to avoid eye injury or fatigue. United States Air Force commissioned Lomb develops special goggles for pilots to counter high up in the blinding glare. The world's first pair of sunglasses was born with green lenses. The glasses which can glare and UV protection has attracted pilots welcome.


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